Saturday, September 18, 2010


Friday night and nothing really going on so Brooke and I decided to use our Cold Stone gift card and go mini golfing. If you know me I am always up for some ice cream, especially if its free. Enjoyed our ice cream even though we almost used our whole 15 dollar gift card on one trip to Cold Stone. So expensive. Then we went to Mulligans and it was crowded. We walked in and right away we saw someone working that we know and he hooked us up with putters and balls to play mini golf.  Free ice cream and free mini golf. It took awhile to get through the course because it was so crowded but that gave us time to take some pictures. We didn't get that many good shots because the lighting was so bad. But here are a few.

Classic Ridley tongue.... Concentrating! ha

Scrunchy Nose!


  1. I love how cute you two are! And Brooke, love you hair! I may have to come down soon to have you do mine.

  2. Thanks Tera... Come down anytime :)