Sunday, May 1, 2011

Garage-Sale Hunting

 Saturdays usually means sleeping in for the two of us, and we hadn't really made any plans for the day. Recently we have talked about trying to find some used beach cruisers so we can go on some bike rides in the evening after work and on the weekends, so we decided to roll out of bed and go garage-sale hunting, looking for some bikes. I am no professional garage-sale addict by any means but I am sure you don't find anything you are looking for when hunting around at garage-sales, looking through people's junk. You probably always end up buying something that you weren't planning on buy or looking for in the first place. We drove around Harveston, slowing down in front of a lot of garage-sales, occasionally getting out of the car and browsing. We drove by one and saw a really nice chest. We decided to get out and have a look. This is when we met Al. An older gentleman and really nice. He noticed that we were looking at the chest while helping another bargain shopper purchasing and item. Brooke seemed to like the chest and I kinda liked it too. I didn't bother to ask the price for the chest because I assumed it would still be pretty expensive just looking at the quality and condition. Al turned his attention to the two of us and was talking to Brooke about the chest and answering questions...... Then this is what happened;
During the conversation Al said, "20 bucks."
Both Brooke and I thought he was talking to someone else.
Brooke asked, "For the chest?!"
Al said, "Ya. Just 20 dollars."
I looked at Brooke, she looked at me with an "OMG Honey" look and I reached for my wallet. ha ha
We picked up this gorgeous chest for only 20 dollars! I would have bought it just to re-sale it on craigslist, but it looks great in our new place. We need the extra storage too.

When I went back to pick up the chest Al wanted to let me know what kind of deal I got, thinking that I had no idea how much money he just lost. I guessed the chest was around $500 when he originally bought it. He said he paid about $650. What a deal!?!
Brooke and I were really stoked and thought we got the deal of the day with this garage-sale find. We are still in the market to find some beach cruisers!

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