Wednesday, December 1, 2010


We know, We know..... Brooke and I have been slacking BIG time with updating our blog. With the all the business with the holidays and life in general it's hard to take time to sit down and write thoughtful blogs. We have a ton of new things going on with the two of us, along with our families. I thought I would give you a preview of what we hope to blog about soon and post some pictures when we have some spare time. (we have a ton of pictures)
  • Brooke quit her job at chem-dry and is now working for my dad
  • Ryan passed his National Registry Test for his EMT
  • Shayna's birthday
  • Cody's farewell and leaving to Columbia on his mission
  • Thanksgiving with the Sosnowski's/Ridley's
  • Family Photo shoot in the back yard
  • Looking for a house/our own place
  • Looking to buy a new car
  • Planning holiday celebrations
I am sure there are a lot more...these are a few, but believe me we will get on it.

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