Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I am now a Nationally Certified EMT. It took me two attempts at the test but I finally passed. I took the EMT course last semester at Mt. San Jacinto, which was a tuff class. You had to pass the mid-term with an 80% to continue in the class, then you had to have an 80% in the class going into the final and then pass the final test with an 80%. I was able to accomplish all that and pass all the practical tests as well. They set the class up like that because you have to pass the National Test with an 80%. All the studying and hard work was worth it. I had a lot of good resources to help me along the way. I have many friends that are fire fighters, paramedics, doctors that were very willing to help me.
The next step is to get licensed with the county and get my ambulance drivers license, then I can apply to some of the local hospitals to be an EMT in an emergency room, and apply to some of the ambulance transport companies around the city. (i.e. AMR)
Its very exciting to get one step closer to becoming a fire fighter.

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