Saturday, August 14, 2010


I left for work yesterday and when I pulled out of the drive way, in the middle of the street I could see a dog. Its not rare to see dogs running around up here in La Cresta, but its really dangerous when its near the main road. A lot of cars driving really fast. As I drove closer to the dog it approached the car. I stopped and realized it was a pit bull. She is still a puppy, probably close to a year old. She was very friendly and excited to see me. I got out of the car, to check the collar but it had no name tag. We have no idea what the dogs name is but it is very obedient. I have no idea where it came from but I am sure someone is looking for her. I tried to put it in the bed of my truck to take it back to the house because I didn't want it wondering around and possibly get hit by a car. She didn't like the bed so much so I put her down and she jumped right up into the cab of the truck and sat in the passenger seat. It was pretty cool. I brought her home and Brooke fell in love. We decided to keep in in the back yard, give it some water and dog food. She grubbed on the food like it hadn't been fed in days. So... I left for work and left Brooke in charge of the puppy. While at work I got a picture message from Brooke of the dog and it had a dog toy in it's mouth  and the text said, " Babe don't be mad, I bought her a toy :) " hahaha Brooke had a little friend all day to spend with by the pool while I was at work. We decided to make a few signs and post them today. I am pretty sure she was an expensive puppy and there are some people that would take advantage of stealing a dog like this. Hopefully we can find the right owner and hopefully they are looking for her.... cause I am sure my mom would not like to have a permanent dog around here.

She is a lot of fun to play with. Yesterday when I got home Brooke and I played with her in the back yard. She doesn't run she hops. its pretty funny to watch.


  1. you should keep her!!! Dogs make your marriage even better!! :) ha ha, and if her owner doesn't claim her, maybe her and buddy can be friends! she's a cutie! :)

  2. She is so cute!! I would have bought her a toy too just like brooke did. I think Brooke and I would get along great!