Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Well, its going on day 5 since we found the puppy and she has been great. We put up signs on all the main corners near our house on Saturday but still no calls about the dog. Not sure what we are going to do with her. Nothing to complain about, she is great. She doesn't bark at all, well behaved and house trained. We keep her inside at night when we are sleeping. She has a little bed made out of a sheet in the laundry room. She whines for about 10 mins when we put her in there and then we don't hear her at all. We keep her in the back yard while we are gone during the day and she just plays and roams around until we get home from work or school. She is crazy excited when she does see us. Yesterday she followed me all around the yard while I was mowing the grass. I think she would have sat  in my lap on the lawn mower if there was enough room.
Brooke has made it very clear we are NOT taking her to the pound. lol

We just call her "Pup" for now.


  1. umm excuse me, why am i not on your blog list?! hahaha cute "pup" i call all dogs pup :)

  2. You're added!!! :) I have actually been meaning to put you on the list.