Sunday, December 4, 2011


The other day my Mom asked me why I only update my own personal blog....Didn't have an answer. It's tough enough just to keep one blog updated. To find the time a couple of weeks and sit down, write out a blog post and upload pictures takes planning and dedication. We will try and keep this one updated with news, ideas, family events etc.... There is always a lot going on around this time of year and everyone is super busy, but there is a lot of time spent with family and lots of pictures that will need to be posted.

Just a quick update with what Brooke and I have been up to lately.

-Brooke is working two jobs. She is still helping my dad in the office during the mornings 4 days a week,  then takes off to Anne Sullivan Preschool where she teaches the 4 year olds from 12:30-5:30 Monday through Friday. She loves working at the Pre School. She comes home everyday with a new story to tell me about what the kids learned that day, or some funny story about something that happened at school with the kids. She has been at the preschool since September and absolutely loves it.
-Brooke also stays busy in her free time doing hair.
-Brooke is also very busy with the Young Women in our ward as the 2nd councilor in the YW presidency. She works a lot with the Beehives, planning activities and lessons as well as attending mutual.

-Most of you know we have a new addition to our family, Nixon. We got a little pug puppy about a month ago. We love him to pieces. He is definitely a handful at times and a lot of work but sooooo much fun. He has done great with the house training and learning a few commands. He struggles with learning "NO!" He thinks we are playing when we are trying to let him know what he is doing is bad. Not sure how to fix it, but he has an obession with biting at Brooke's feet and ankles. The moment she walks in the door he runs straight for her shoes and feet. Hopefully in a few weeks we will be able to get him into some training sessions after he has all his shots.

-I am staying busy with work. I am still working with a property management company for bank repos. I maintain the exterior of the properties. Right now I hate leaves with a passion. I am constantly raking and bagging leaves this time of year.
-I just recently got a coaching job. I am coaching the freshman baseball team at Murrieta Mesa. I have been out to the field a few times to throw the ball with the boys and hit in the cages. We will start a more regular practice after the Christmas break. I am really excited for this opportunity.
-I am finishing up my last class this semester at Mt. San Jacinto for my Associates Degree in Physical Science. I have applied to San Marcos to finish my Bachelors Degre starting in the fall of 2012.
-I love my calling in our ward as the Step-Up cordinator. I work with the Priests that are seniors and preparing to serve missions along with their fathers. We meet every week for an hour, studying Preach My Gospel  and help the YM learn scriptures, share experiences and develope their teaching skills. It is a great calling and love it.
-I get to throw in a little softball now and then as well. I play on a tournament team and just recently won a tournament in Murrieta. I am heading to Palm Springs next weekend to play in a Toys for Tots tournament. I really enjoy playing softball.

-Its really nice to have all our family so close to us. We were able to spend Thanksgiving Day with Brooke's family and then have dessert that night with mine. We are so blessed to have wonderful families and so many opportunities to share holidays and special events with them. We can't get enough of our little nieces. Jayden, Brooklynn and Maylee always make us smile.

There is my quick little update. Hopefully we can stay on top updating this blog.... New Years Resolution...maybe.

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