Sunday, December 18, 2011


Friday night we were able to babysit our nieces, Brooklynn and Maylee. Ashley and Paul had a work Christmas party they wanted to attend so we took the girls for the evening. Brooklynn had a pre-school Christmas program that we went to and watched her perform some Christmas carols with her classmates. It was really cute. Brooklynn's request for dinner was hamburger and french fries so we took the girls to In-N-Out. They were were a lot of fun. Maylee likes to dip her finger in the ketchup and lick it off, and just suck the ketchup off the fries. Brooklynn wanted a strawberry shake and she shared it with everyone. It gave Maylee a brain freeze. We got them some hats and took this silly picture outside before we left.
After dinner we took them to see some Christmas lights in Temecula. The street is Bainbridge ct,  off Winchester and Willow. If you haven't been there you gotta go this week. It is pretty amazing. Every house is loaded with lights and they have music playing that the lights coordinate with. You can get out and walk around or stay in your car and tune your radio to a station that has the music playing. The girls loved the lights and were little troopers. It was pretty cold and windy that night but I think they really liked the lights. We always enjoy spending time with our cute and adorable nieces. We have 3 right now, but by next year we could have 5. Both of our sisters are pregnant, Ashley knowing she is having another girl and the verdict is still out for Lauren. Either way we are excited for them and can't wait for next year! This is one of the houses that we saw the other night.

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