Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Shortly after Brooke and I got married I sold my Acura Integra, which was an awesome car and I miss it, but since then I have been driving my dad's old civic aka the "Silver Bullet" until Brooke and I were ready to buy a new car. It has taken us awhile to be ready to buy a new car because we wanted to avoid having two car payments. Well, the Silver Bullet took a turn for the worse last week and might have to be put down which left me without a car. It was time to buy a new car. The timing was okay because we only have one more car payment on the Scion Xa. We are very excited about that!
We have been looking at cars for awhile and test drove a few cars recently, knowing that the one car we had would be paid off soon. We went back and forth with looking at small SUV's or a sedan. I would have like to get a ForeRunner or something like that to be able to take to the snow, put snowboards and bikes on etc. The price on those is just too much for us right now and not practical with gas prices. We decided to go with a sedan. A nice family car and it gives us a lot more room than the Scion. We really liked the Acura's and pretty much narrowed our search down between the TSX and TL. A few nights after the Civic died we drove out to Riverside to look at the  Acura dealership because online it looked like they had the largest selection of certified pre-owned TSX's. Lucky for us a few hours before we got there someone turned in their lease and we ended up getting the deal we wanted on it and bought the car that night. It all worked out and was good timing. We are really happy with the car and it came with pretty much everything we were looking for. The title of this post should say..." Brooke's New Ride" because it is her car, but she lets me drive every once in awhile.

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